Being a skills based emergency service, our members are constantly working to improve their skill sets. The basic level of training to be an active member is the Bushfire Fighter (BF) course. This covers the basics of fire fighting as well as how to use the equipment on the truck, basic radio skills and what to do in the event of an over run emergency. This training is conducted at the Brigade Station.

From that point members can choose to attend the Village Firefighter (VF) course where the focus is on structure incidents and motor vehicle accidents (MVAs).

Following this is the Advanced Firefighter (AF) course where there is a greater focus on the theory side of fire behaviour, advanced pumping, mapping skills and fire fighting.

Some members will elect to go on and do the Crew Leader (CL) course which gives them the ability and authority to lead a crew in response to a fire call.

All of these courses are competency based and members must prove their skills before they are awarded the qualification, and then commit to practice and refine these skills over time. As members proceed in the courses the skills gained at the new level always build upon those of the course before it. 

In between the main courses outlined above there are a number of side courses in very divergent directions. Members can attend courses such as senior first aid, breathing apparatus and chainsaws.